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I do research in philosophy of mind, epistemology, and history of philosophy.​ More specifically, I'm interested in questions of self-knowledge, self-awareness, and the history of these topics, particularly in medieval thought. What does it mean to know oneself? Are there different kinds of self-knowledge? And how can we know ourselves? These kinds of questions preoccupy my mind, and, additionally, I'm quite interested in the value of self-knowledge; why do we care about knowing ourselves? What is the value of such knowledge? 

Ultimately, my interests in self-knowledge relates to broader questions I have about what it means to be a human being or philosophical anthropology, and how our conception of ourselves as human beings intersects with our personal identity or sense of self.

Published Work

"Information Processing and (Self-)Awareness in Aquinas" in Aquinas and Us: Proceedings of the Medieval Society for Logic and Metaphysics, edited by Timothy Kearns, Gyula Klima, Alex Hall. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022



“Knowing One’s Nature as Self-Knowledge”. March 9th, 2024. Conference in Commemoration of the 750th Anniversary of the Death of Thomas Aquinas. University of Tulsa, sponsored by UT Department of Philosophy and Religion and UT Honors College.*

“What  is Reflection? First-Person Authority and Mind-Reading”, November 17th, 2023. Poster session at the 2023 Annual American Catholic Philosophical Association Meeting. Houston, Texas​

“First-Person Authority: Expertise, Agency, and Aquinas” at Long Island Philosophical Society Annual Conference, April 1st 2023, at St. John’s University

“The Thomistic Value of Self-Knowledge”, poster session at the 2022 Annual American Catholic Philosophical Association Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana

“The Value of Self-Knowledge in Aquinas” History of Philosophy Workshop Notre Dame University, October 2022

“The Value of Self-Cognition in Aquinas” 11th Annual Aquinas Philosophy Workshop, Washington, D.C, May 2022

“This is Water. Is David Foster Wallace Oriented Towards Objective Truth?”, Satellite Session on Pedagogy, 2021 Annual American Catholic Philosophical Association Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri, November 2021

“Against Aristotelian (Eternalist) Endurantism”, Philosophy Graduate Student Symposium, Fordham University, Fall 2019

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